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Monomoy Tackle Plug Lures are designed and built to the demanding specifications and performance requirements of the changing conditions at the Monomoy Rips.  

With the wide range of size and type of forage in the area, the plug lures developed respond to changing conditions so that anglers are able to 'Match the Hatch'.

Each lure is Through Wire Construction.  Each lure is rigged with quality hooks from VMC and/or Mustad.  The plugs are intended to be able to be fished right out of the packaging.

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3.75", 3/4 Ounces - 6 Standard Colors
Top Water, Walk the Dog
With proper Hook weighting, SubSurface Twitch Capability

Specter_Bunker Shape.jpg


8", 2.8 Ounce - 4 Standard Colors
TopWater, Walk the Dog Action
Internal Rattle Chambers

110S_Head Detail.jpg


4.3", 4/5 Ounce - 6 Standard Colors
Even Weighted at the Belly, Sinking
Side to Side Swimming Lure


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