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The Talon 110SJ is a Sinking Jerkbait.

This lure offers precision, long casting capability in a compact lure body. This lure is 4.25" and 3/4 Ounces with the Hooks.  The lure is through wired and long casts are achieved by the moving internal ball bearings.


The lure achieves a very tight wiggle when retrieved in a straight, steady.  The lure can be trolled if desired.  It's recommend to move at 3-4 mph.  The lure will generally achieve a depth of 2'-3' under a standard retrieve or troll.


The true performance of the lure is realized when a Medium/medium Heavy of rating 1.25 - 1.5 ounces is used and the rod tip is twitched or 'jerked' during a retrieve.  The movement of the bearings produces a knocking below water that calls in fish and the moving ball bearings aid in the stop and start of the lure during this type of retrieve that draws reaction strikes form fish.



Excluding Sales Tax
    • Through Wire Construction
    • Long Casting Capability
    • Performs best as a jerkbait targeting different depths
    • Imitiative Baitfish Colors and Finishes


  • Each Lure will come with Inline Singles.

    Monomoy Tackle encourages the use of Inline Single for the conservation of the Striped Bass population and other fish species.  

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