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The Specter TW200 gets its name from its ability to draw fish to strike.  The Specter imitates large forage and it's size internal thumping rattles, and side to side action make it a very effective lure.


The lure is built to withstand strikes from larger fish with its throughwire construction and hardware.  The lure is tail weighted and close to 3 ounces for good castability.  The tail weight also assists in creating the seductive side to side action with simple rod twitches.  With practice, an angler can get the lure to move across the water a couple of feet with each snap twitch.





Specter TW200

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Through Wire Construction
    • Long Casting Capability
    • Seductive Side to Side 'Dog Walking' Action.
    • Effective on a twitch and pause cadence.
    • 3D Eye
    • Imitiative Baitfish Colors and Finishes


  • Each Lure will come with a 4/0 VMC Treble Hook with 120lb split ring and a 7/0 Mustad Kaiju, heavy wire inline hook with a 120lb split ring. 

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