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The Z Step Lure offers precision, long casting capability in a compact lure body.  This lure is 4" and 3/4 Ounces with the Hooks. The lures internal weight is concentrated in the tail portion resulting in a lure that punches through that pierces through the wind.


As a slow sinking lure, the Z-Step provides a variety of retrieve and presentation opportunities.


1. The shape and tail weight distribution provide a 'walk the dog' action in the lure.  The lure does not sit on top of the water but sits in the water.

2. The position of the head of the lure can vary depending on the position of the rod tip during the wak the dog action.  Hold the rod tip above 9 o'clock and the head will bob above the water line.  Hold the rod tip below 9'o'clock and the head can sit at or below the waterline allowing the lure to be retrieved at the water line.

3. The shape, rolling action and position in the water allows the lure to move alot of water and create a sizeable wake and commotion for a lure of its size.

4. The rolling action of the lure body during the walk the dog action, rolls the eye and body finish toward the fish imitating the actions of baitfish particularly those that have flash moments when they turn on their sides while fleeing.



1. The lure sinks in the water, tail first.

2. The rod tip can be twitched to cause the lure to twitch forward, jump towards the surface, or slowly walk under water for one or more 'steps.'

3. This action underwater pausing or slow action after pausing can cause a strike below the surface.



1. With its shape, weight distribution, and rolling action, this roll will perform well in strong currents and rips.

2. Twitching your rod tip will keep the lure head and body at or above the water.  This action imitates a fleeing squid or other baitfish in moving currents.

3. With your bail open, you can allow the lure to drift or sink back in the rip towards fish where you can close the bail and retrieve or slowly twitch and begin the action again.


Excluding Sales Tax
    • Through Wire Construction
    • Long Casting Capability
    • Rolling Action in the Water
    • Large 3D Eye
    • Imitiative Baitfish Colors and Finishes


  • Each Plug will come with an Inline Single and a Treble Hook to allow for a variety of presentations.

    Monomoy Tackle encourages the use of Inline Single Hooks for the conservation of the Striped Bass population and other fish species.  MT encourages the use of the treble hook as the belly hook only.

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