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The 'Chili' Popper 180 is a top water popping lure designed and rigged to produce large strikes from predatory fish.  It imitates large forage and it's profile, internal bearings produce a knocking and rattling sound that will call fish from afar and below


The cupped mouth moves a large amount of water producing splashes and commotion with not alot of forward movement of the lure.  The lure is built to withstand strikes from larger fish with its throughwire construction and hardware.  The lure is 7" in length, floats on top and is tail weighted at 3 ounces for good castability.  The finishes on the lures take into account light refraction, translucency, and reflection through the lure itself.  The lure comes with strong split rings and quality hooks to fish it out of the package.


The lure is best fished with a slow popping action and pauses between each 'pop' or a series of pops.  The strikes will frequent come on the pause.


Another way to fish the lure is to sweep rod and reel continuously, which will draw the lure below the surface and produce a bubble trail under the water until the angler stops reeling and the lures comes back to the surface.  A pause after this type of action can also produce a reaction strike from a fish.  


Varying these retrieves with practice can allow anglers to present the lure in different ways to fish to see what will produce a strike on that particular day or situation.





Chili Popper - 180

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Through Wire Construction
    • Long Casting Capability
    • Balanced weighting
    • Strong Rigging out of the Package
    • Effective on a twitch and pause 'popping' cadence.
    • Bubble trail below water with continuous retrieve
    • 3D Eye
    • Imitiative Baitfish Colors and Finishes


  • Each Lure will come with a 4/0 VMC Treble Hook with 120lb split ring and a 7/0 Mustad Kaiju, heavy wire inline hook with a 120lb split ring. 

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