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B2 Squid BSB Rig
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For Angler's of All Ages

Black Sea Bass Rigs are offered in multiple options.  The basic choice is between a traditional B2 Squid soft body and an XL Rigs that incorporates a silicone skirt and grub teaser with a larger hook.  The B2 and XL versions are both intended to be baited, but could be used un-baited if the fish are aggressive

Black Sea Bass are also a lot of fun to catch on a jig.  A variant of a drop shot rig is offered to be paired with a jig and single hook above.  See below for more details.

B2 Version

The rig comes tied with 40lb Seaguar flouro and 3/0 Mustad Live Bait hooks.   The B2 squids are 3" and the real thing from the California manufacturer in a variety of colors.  

The B2 rigs are intended to be baited.  These rigs are great for kids and those being introduced to fishing.  They require minimal rod motion in terms of presenting the rig.  These rigs produce very well in Buzzards Bay and Nantucket Sound.


The origin of this rig came several years ago in Buzzards Bay when the Black Sea Bass being pulled up were over 19" consistently and someone on the boat made a comment that this was 'like haddock fishing' in 40' of water.  

These rigs were developed to handle that size fish, their armored bodies, the occasional dogfish that lives with them, and the fluke that may decide to come and play. 

The hook is a 6/0 Mustad bait holder.  The slices on the hook hold the grub in place when the BSB, fluke, dogfish, or scup come to yank it off.  This is where the difference with the haddock rigs is felt.  Bait stealing is not as big an issue with haddock, but it is with these species.  A BSB will have no problem taking this hook and neither will a keeper fluke for that matter.  

BSB Jig Rig

Jigging as a method of catching fish is nothing new.  Various species are targeted and caught on jigs, but its not typically considered for Black Sea Bass.  BSB are very aggressive and their mouths are so big that they have very little issue inhaling a jig presented to them.  On lighter conventional or spinning gear, its a great way to target these species.  No bait is required, although if desired you could tip the hooks with bait.  







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