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Customers Receive Three (3) 'XL' Tandem Rigs

*Pick your COlor Options Below

*Pick 3 of the Same

*Mix and Match

*Select whether you want the Grubs Monomoy Tackle Offers or simply wish to start with your own, ie GULP or Zman plastics.


'XL' Format BSB rigs are intended for those looking to fill the cooler with larger specimens.  There are similarites to the haddock bottom rigs with some notable differences specific for the BSB fishery.


These rigs can be fished with bait or without.  If fished with bait, you have the added benefit of having the teaser should the bait be stolen.  You can keep fishing with the teasers.

Black Sea Bass XL Tandem Rig - 3 Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
  • 40lb Seaguar Fluoro

    Silicone skirt and 6" grub teaser.

    6/0 Mustad Bait holder hook. The barbs hold the grub in place when BSB or other toothy specimens like fluke try to take them away.

    Bottom loop for weight or jig.

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