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The XLS Rig was actually a collaboration with two different customers who used the XL rig and had strong success catching fluke.  They each inquired about the use of a metal blade for its attractive properties.  Enter the reflective spoon as an element above the top hook.


The 3" glow blade has the flash properties of a smaller blade.  It also has the bouyant properties of a trolling blade that gives a different presentation to the top hook.  Combined with the action of the silicone skirt and grub, these rigs have a unique action and presentation in the water.


40lb Seaguar Flourocarbon

80lb VMC Barrel Swivel

7"-8" T-Knotted Dropper Loops

3/0 Chrome Spoon on the Upper Hook. ***Custom Foil Spoon available.

Mustad Bait Hooks 6/0

Color Beads

Glow Squid Bodies

Double Overhand Loop at the bottom for a weight or Jig.


The hooks can be baited with common natural baits or GULP.


XLS 3" Glow Spoon Tandem - Glow Squid

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