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The Hard Shell Slow Fall takes the durable qualities of a resin coated jig and applies them to a fluttering, wobbling, slow pitch style jig that entices fish to strike on the drop or 'fall' action of the jig.  


The cuts, two sided weight distribution and keel on the backside give this lure its wobble and action as it drops.  The appeal of the lure to fish is further increased by the reflective and glow finishes on two sides on the same lure.  Each lure also has different sized eyes and configurations on the front and on the back.  The eyes are behind the resin so they will never fall out.  As this lure mimics a wounded and dying baitfish, these other features further sell the lure as an easy meal.


This lure is throughwired and is built for anything from groundfish such as black seabass, to larger prey that may include Striped Bass, Bluefish, and smaller pelagics that are habitual in taking these types of jigs.  The lure comes standard with a single Assist hook ready to fish out of the packaging.


Slow Fall Hard Shell Jig -3.5 Ounce

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Assist Hook assembled with.

    250lb, 1.3mm Assist Chord

    3/0 Hoodlum + Jigging Hooks

    275lb Solid Ring 

    100lb Split Ring

    Shrink Tube around hook eye

    Squid Skirt


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