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The Magnum B2 Trailer Rigs follow the 'Big Bait for Big Fish Mantra'.  When drifting and fishing in a current these Trailer Style Rigs on a 3 Way setup are deadly effective.


The Magnum B2 comes with a 5" B2 Squid Soft Plastic.  It's rigged internally with a bead to prevent the hook from pushing up through the body.  The knot connection to the hook is protected by shrink tube.


The Hook is a 5/0 Eagle Claw Kahle hook.  ***The Rig is available in a 7/0 as well.  Simply choose the 7/0 as an option below.  No added cost for the larger hook.  The 5/0 Hook will be pelnty of hook and gap for most combinations of cut bait or GULP scented artificials you may use.  The 7/0 size is for those working even larger cut or live baits or if you are fishing in conditions or areas where you wish to cull out smaller fish.  


The primary trailer length is approximately 32" from the 100lb VMC 3way swivel.  Also provided is a 12" overall length of leader on the lower part of the 3way with a loop knot for a weight or jig.  ***Bucktail/Weights NOT INCLUDED.


The Rig is also dressed with a large Glow Bead on all color versions.  The rig also features a hammered finish Colorado blade to provide more vibration and flash in the water.

GhostRider - Magnum B2 Trailer

Excluding Sales Tax
    • 50lb High Seas Quattro Camo leader
    • B2 5" Squid available in various colors
    • 5/0 Eagle Claw Kahle Hook   ***7/0 Size option available
    • Bottom loop for weight or jig.
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