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A kit of 10 Jigs selected for the Fall Run.


*Hardshell Peanut - 1 Ounce Mirror Herring

*Hardshell Peanut - 1 Ounce Crack Olive

*Hardshell Peanut - 1 Ounce SIlver White

*Hardshell Peanut - 1 Ounce Bunker

*Hardshell Slim Profile - 1 Ounce Pink

*Hardshell Slim Profile - 1 Ounce Orange Shrimp

*Hardshell Slim Profile - 1 Ounce Monomoy Mac

*Heavy Bait Metal Jig - 2 Ounce Monomoy Mac

*Heavy Bait Metal Jig - 2 Ounce Chartreuse

*Heavy Bait Metal Jig - 2 Ounce Pink


There are times where standing out in the crowd of baitfish will get you noticed and ultimately draw a strike. These flashy finishes and highlight colors will separate your offering from the pack.

Forage 'Stand Out' Jig Kit - Large

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Jigs come standard with Mustad Inline Hooks 2/0

    (3) Three additional treble hooks are included to swap out on the metal jigs if desired.

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