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The 5" Paddletail Swimbait is intended to provide a versatile presentation in a variety of conditions. The profile of the soft plastic is thick at the top and tapered towards the belly to provide a stable performance. The size, thickness, and density of the material brings the tail to a weight of +/- 1 ounce. Each soft plastic is poured in two stages to achieve dynamic colors and patterns.


The Paddletail has an integrated pocket guide that assists in locating where the hook will go through the body of the softplastic material.


The soft plastics come molded with a scale pattern. Most of the color patterns utilize translucent or sparkle aggregate for further flash and realism in the presentation.


The tail itself is an oversized 'T' type tail that produces a disturbance in the water calling fish in.


These paddletails are shaped and patterned to match with any of the jighead sizes offered.

*Sold as a single jig rigged with a paddletail and one (1) extra tail.

5" Paddletail Combo Pack

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Two stage poured, durable soft plastic weighing in at +/- 1 ounce
    • Guide pocket within the body of the tail
    • Shape and profile will closely fit the jigheads offered with the corkscrew bait keeper detail
    • Large 'T' profile tail
    • Zinc Allow on .75 ounce, 1 ounce, and 1,5 ounce jigheads.  2.5 ounce jigheads are in lead
    • 8/0 Mustad Swimbait
    • Corkscrew bait keeper holds softplastic in place
    • Imitative 3D eyes and finishes to pair with 5" paddletail soft plastics
    • Rounded shape works well in a variety of applications
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