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Monomoy Tackle Plug Lure - Z Step 7S

Monomoy Tackle Z-Step Lure shown in Bone


Monomoy Tackle is excited to release its first plug lure. This lure is consistent with other Monomoy Tackle products that look to provide anglers with simple, solid versatile tackle that can be fished right out of the packaging.

This lure is 3.75" in length and approximately 3/4 ounces in weight with the hooks. It comes in six colors that mimic the forage and small baitfish in our New England waters but the colors are such that they would reliably work in areas outside of New England. The features of this lure are below.

Credit for this image goes to Ryan Collins of MyFishingCapeCod
Spring Haddock caught near shore in Cape Cod Bay


  • The lure is intended to and can be fished in a variety of ways. In a straight retrieve the lure simply glides along the top with the head and tail moving inline without a lot of action. To achieve the true movement capabilities of this lure, it relies on the input and actions of the angler through the rod.

  • The lure can be made to 'Walk the Dog' with simple and subtle rod tip action and slow and moderate speeds.

  • The lure can be made to swim just below the surface with the rod tip down low with slow rhythmic sweeps of the rod while reeling slowly.

  • The lure can be twitched with the rod held high or low with pauses and variations in the retrieve speed.

  • The lure can be made to pop and/or skip across the surface.

  • If the retrieve is stopped, the lure will slowly sink below the surface. Its rate of sink is dependent the rate of current and sea state that the lure is being fished in. Once allowed to sink, twitching the lure or slowly retrieving will allow the lure to take its action below the surface.

  • Its simple to classify this lure as a 'spook' style lure. It can be fished that way, but it has properties of other kinds of lures as well. The versatility and its ability to sit at or below the water line during a retrieve presentation is intentional.

  • If the angler prefers to make the presentation more of a topwater presentation, replacing the hooks used with lighter/thinner hooks, or removing one hook entirely will help in tuning the lure to be more of a topwater lure.


  • The lure comes equipped with a Kaiju Mustad inline in size 2/0 for the rear hook. The belly hook is a Size 1 VMC saltwater grade treble hook.

  • A second 2/0 inilne hook in included in the event that the angler wishes to replace the treble hook with an inline.

  • The split rings are a size 1.2 stainless split ring.


One of the appealing aspects of working on products for the shop is the collaboration and partnership with others. In the past I have been really happy to work with others on Jigheads and Minnow style bucktails. I would be remiss if I did mention a couple of people who helped develop some of the details associated with this lure. Captain Bill Mitchell from Seven Stripes Charters and Eric Cronin from both deserve my thanks for their assistance, and I thank them for being available and answering questions related to this product. Thank you guys.

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