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May 11th Fishing Notes

Finally had an opportunity to get out and do some haddock fishing. I was very excited just to launch the Steigercraft off the trailer and get on the water. We cruised out of Green Harbor towards the Gurnet. In recent years, the area inshore around Duxbury and Plymouth has been pretty loaded with haddock and the quick boat ride to get them has been very appealing. 'Every year is different,' is a pretty popular saying on the boat and for that matter so is, 'Every trip is different.'

The Gurnet was quiet, no boats, and seemingly no fish. We went further north, west of the bank and found a few boats and fish at a depth of 200'. As quickly as we boated a handful of fish, the bite was over and it was a slow pick after that. No complaints. We had dinner and a shake down cruise.

There were almost as many cod thrown back as there were haddock kept. One redfish came over the side which I was very excited by. I have heard they are great eating. My mother confirms that they are in fact, very tasty. I will hopefully get more of those in the future.

I plan to make a second trip this coming weekend and its not a given that the haddock will come south inshore as they have the last couple of years. I will likely have to be nimble and plan to explore.

Captain Bruno, my cousin, has gone out on the Gaviota a couple of times last week and tested the squid bite as well as the Tautog bite outside Hyannis. You can hear him talk about his exploits on #myfishingcapecod bi weekly podcast where he shares his tips and insights.

They managed to get in on the squid bite which this year has been very very good. It's likely done by now or very close to being done as the predators are going to be hot on their tails soon. I have personally not ever squid fished before, but seeing the images of pods of boats fishing under lights may be something I need to get into next year, particularly as my children get older. Captain Bruno got into some Tautog and black sea bass while anchoring up over some rockpiles in and around Hyannis. He recommends green crabs and single hook tog jigs. The sea bass were so thick that often times his bait could not even get to the bottom. Can't take them till next week.

The striper bite is heating up all over the typical places around Cape Cod this time of year. Buzzards Bay, the southern beaches of Nantucket Sound and even the Islands have seen their first group of migratory fish. I've even heard of some slot sized fish being taken in Buzzards Bay and off Hyannis. During the early season, I encourage everyone to fish with hooks without barbs or to pinch them so as not to damage or hurt these juvenile stripers. They are the future of the stock.

Black Sea Bass starts next week and I expect the crowds next weekend to be big if the weather cooperates. Help each other out and try to be patient and courteous. Even in these post-Covid times a lot of people are using fishing and recreation as a way to get out and there's likely going to be a lot of people boating and fishing who can't launch their boat with their eyes closed.

I'm not going to overlook this weekend as I will try to find the haddock again in Cape Cod Bay. For everyone getting out, tight lines and good luck and please share your pictures if you are fishing with Monomoy Tackle Gear.

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