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Fishing Report August 12th- Fluke Focused

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

*Image above credited to Ryan Collins of


The new moon and the breaking tide period that is ending right now has sparked some really good fishing in Cape Cod. The Canal has seen an uptick the last couple days of some larger fish and prolonged feeds come through. The bite may be subsiding by the weekend but it is worth a look. The Outer Beaches on Cape Cod have seen an influx of fish reachable by shore anglers working plugs in the evenings. The fishing in Cape Cod Bay has slowed a bit due to the warming water but if you venture further north and find areas of cooler water there are opportunities for jigging and deep drop off vertical jigging for Striped Bass and Bluefish.

Beyond Cape Cod, I have heard that the fluke fishing off of Montauk and Block Island has been really strong recently. It's not that surprising with the new moon that this has happened. Its good to see double digit doormats being pulled. Hopefully some of them are being released.

This report is a bit fluke centric. I have been focused on fluke a great deal in terms of fishing and the shop. This past weekend, on August 8th, I participated in a MyFishingCapeCod trip giveaway with my cousin Bruno Demir. Bruno started a fundraiser to raise money for Boston Children's Hospital for Cancer Research and everyone that donated had their name put into a hat and a winner was drawn to go fluke fishing with him. At the time of the drawing, I told Bruno, I would donate a trip on my boat and we pulled a second winner.

I was very happy to meet Richard Chouinard from MFCC who was the winner for my boat. We caught bluefish on Monomoy at the Shoals. We motored out to the Northern Nantucket Shoals and fished for fluke and the bite was excellent. Fish were landed between the two boats in numbers and size. The largest fish topped out at 28" and just under 10 pounds and there were several fish landed between 21"-24" which is a great size to harvest for the table.

The rigs that produced were the Monomoy Tackle spoon rigs and it was the single hook 3 way trailers that worked extremely well. I had 5" sized spoons on the trip. These rigs are mentioned in the store but not yet available for sale, but that should change very soon. A variety of colors were working.

Ryan Collins from was on the trip and took some amazing underwater footage. Please go to the site and take a look. He has a short clip on the front page of his blog.

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