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Early Thoughts on 2022

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Happy New Year again to everyone that takes the time to visit and support this blog. Winter has a clear and strong grip on the region. As I type this it is in the single digits and there is a layer of sleet and ice on most things. I am thankful that show season has started and I am even more thankful that this year most of the scheduled shows will happen and have attendance in some sort of fashion.

I wanted to give everyone a quick recap on what's happened thus far since the end of the 2021 season and give a quick snapshot of some new products coming this season.

MFCC - MyFishingCapeCod

I was graciously invited in January to record a podcast with MFCC and host Kevin Collins. I was honored to be the first podcast of the season for them and it was a great conversation touching on my family and my relationship with fishing, the patterns of my fishing season, and on products at the shop. I can't thank Ryan Collins enough for allowing me to be part of his community as a member and as a sponsor. I look forward to continued partnership with

MFCC and trying to find creative ways to be a part of that community and provide support to them.

Here's a link to the website and podcast for those interested. Members to MFCC have access to all the content on the website including the Forum, MFCC Blog, and lots of other amazing footage and articles. I encourage anyone reading to consider joining MFCC as a member.


I am updating just about all the product photos on the website with new images. The Specifications Images and Pages are also being updated. I try to focus on one particular product or species of fish at time and do the updates.


When the shop started in March of 2021, I knew that not all the products I may have wanted to introduce would happen right away. I have been able to put some of those thoughts in motion and I'm happy to be able to offer more this year. It's still a work in progress. Together with my own thoughts and the input of those around me, including the supporters of the shop, there are some exciting things happening. Below is a quick summary of what's new:

Jigging Rig designed for Deep Sea Bottom Fishing for a Variety of Species
Jig and Teaser Rig - 5" B2

Jig and Teaser Rig - 5" B2

I wanted to introduce this rig in 2021 but the details weren't complete on it. The rig is intended for Cod/Haddock/Pollock but honestly I'm pretty sure other species will have no problem inhaling a 5" bait. I first came across these rigs when looking at commercial rigs from a distance as a teenager. Paired with a diamond jig or Norwegian Style Viking jig, these rigs are very effective. My affinity for the B2 squid company is well known and the hardest part was actually limiting the number of colors. These rigs can be baited if you so wish, but its intended for those jigging fanatics who love to feel that strike.

Tano Jig Reload

The fish shaped jig referred to as the Tano jig offered at MT is a versatile jig you can use as a standalone jig you can use for casting and retrieving in the upper portions of the water column. They can be used a vertical jig and they can be paired with other rigs.

Taking the feedback of customers and regular visitors to the website, I have worked on new colors and a new size.

The small 'Rain Bait' series became more popular at the end of last season during the 'funnyfish' run than I thought it would. It was only offered in three colors in a limited run of availability. I have restocked and added a 40 gram weight to go with the 3o gram weight offered last year.

These same colors will be available in the 2.8 Ounce/80 gram jig that pairs withe BSB Jig Rigs. I will be tying complementary assist hooks for them.

New Colors for 2022
Tano 60 and Tano 80

The new size Tano jig is the 2 Ounce/60 gram size. This size fits into a 'crossover' situation for me from casting to jigging. The Rain Bait size is too small to use a Bottom Fishing jig in a lot of applications north of 15'. The 2.8 Ounce version is too heavy to stay up high in anything other than the fastest retrieves in shallow water.

The 60 Gram will allow anglers to fish areas like Buzzards Bay and the shallow areas of Nantucket Sound and other similar areas effectively using one jig as a standalone casting or jigging lure as well as pair it with lighter tackle rigs such as the BSB B2 rigs, Scup Rigs, Bait rigs, etc.

B2 Version of the Jigging Rig for Black Sea Bass

The new Tano 60 is the primary jig selected to be paired with a B2 version of the Jigging Rig that was successful with the BSB last season.

Why this rig? The skirted grubs create a larger, pulsing presentation in the water. The grubs take a beating and require they be swapped out or swapped with GULP or similar products. Some anglers told me that they simply preferred not to fish with that type of teaser. Those fishing from a kayak told me that they didn't have the storage to carry a stock of grubs or other teaser replacements. The use of the B2 squid as a teaser for this type of rig was a natural fit to suit the needs of anglers with these preferences.

These rigs are being tied with 40lb Seaguar instead of the 50lb in the Grub Teaser version. All other hardware is the same. It's a 5/0 Mustad Hoodlum hook. You can easily pair these with any jig from the Monomoy Tackle line between 60-200 grams.

Sand Eel Jig

Jigs and Rigs for All Seasons Indeed. 2021 saw a boom in the presence of sandeel in waters that had not seen this large a biomass in quite some time. The presence these sandeels created opportunities for anglers to pursue a variety of species including recreational bluefin tuna in big numbers.

Whether you fish from a boat, the beach, a jetty, a kayak, or anywhere else in between, these sand eel jigs will have a place in your gear bag.

These sand eel jigs come in a triangulated shape which when rotating in the water column produces flashes and different looks to the fish as the lure is moving. The jigs will come in two sizes. 35 grams/1 Ounce and 90 grams/3 Ounces. They will come in three colors. The lures will be delivered with treble and siwash hooks. The 3 Ounce version will have Assist Hook options.

Resin Jigs

On the MT Instagram account, I posted two images the other day showing black and white photos of two new resin jigs that I am developing. With a bit of good fortunate I will have these jigs by June.

The peanut bunker shape will be offered in 1 Ounce. The longer baitfish shape will come in a range of 1 Ounce to 2 Ounce. Both will come in a variety of imitative colors. There will certainly be more on this as we get closer to the season.

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