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COMING SOON - Fluke Rig Collaboration

Small Business helping Small Business

I have long wanted to produce a deep water fluke rig that can be used in deeper water with weighted hooks. There are many names in the industry for this rig. I have seen the name 'popcorn' rig applied to this type of high-lo rig. Quite a few very successful charter captains that fish the Nantucket shoals (I'm looking at you, Captain Jimmy from On Time Charters, with great admiration!) have developed their own rigs that they build themselves specific to this fishery.

In thinking about this rig, I have wondered how involved I would be or get in making the hooks. Hand tying the rigs is already time consuming so I went out to try to find a small shop that made weighted hooks. Josh Hurst from Hurst Tackle Supply in New Jersey fit the bill. Hurst Tackle focuses on jigs and teasers and I casually approached him about purchasing weighted hooks in different colors from him to build the fluke rigs and he agreed to join me in this. He is pouring the hooks and I am going to dress them with my color assortment of silicone skirts and grub teasers. For those who want to fish with GULP the hook size and silicone skirt colors will complement many colors offered by Berkeley.

I'm very excited to be able to engage in this type of collaboration, both for the fishing aspects, and also for the business aspect. We are helping each other out and I hope that this is the beginning of many purchases through Hurst Tackle.

I hope to shortly bring this rig to market and without giving away too much, I'll say that the rig will follow the practice of using premium hardware, premium line, strong knots, and hopefully a fishability that meets the expectations of discerning, serious anglers, that fish for fluke.

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