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Welcome to Monomoy Tackle LLC

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

One of the many beautiful and romantic things I find about fishing is that when you are at the boat launch, the ramp, or the beach, you run into people that fish from just about every walk of life. One common thread I find amongst many of the people I have spoken to is that many people fish to be with family.

I'm no different. Fishing has been in my family for several generations, and today, fishing brings me close to my own children, my brother, my cousin, my close friends, and my neighbors.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what we fish for or what anyone catches. When it comes to children or those who are not very experienced at angling or new to the sport, sometimes its best to start simple.

This site focuses on fishing species and techniques that are prevalent on Cape Cod and what I deem to be 'grass roots' fishing. I was first introduced to fishing with haddock and cod. I introduced my children and many, many novice family members to black sea bass. I'm focused on helping those people get exposed and into fishing.

For those that walk into a tackle shop and don't where to begin in terms of rigs, jigs, and hooks, this site and store will help narrow down the focus and give you rigs and gear that are simple to use and time tested.

I'm thankful for the time I get to spend on the water. I'm thankful to be able to spend this privileged time with family and friends in what I consider to be one of the greatest fisheries on the planet.

I hope you enjoy the store and the product. Tight lines everybody.


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