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2023 Spoon Series Updates

In anticipation of the 2023 fluke and seabass season, there is going to be an update to the color schemes of the 3" XLS tandem rigs and 5" 3way spoons rigs as well as some detail updates.

First the detail updates:

XLS Rigs

  1. Rig will be tied with 40lb Seaguar.

  2. New Glow Spoon introduced.

  3. Grubs removed from the rig*** Anyone wanting grub with the rig can choose the option to have them and they will be included in a small bag with your purchase. The reason behind offering the rig without grubs is from customer feedback online and at tackle shops to use the rig with GULP, ZMan soft plastics of bait. The bait holder slices on the Mustad Hooks are best utilized for the bait if the grub is gone. Again, if you want grubs, you will be able to include them if you want.

3" and 5" 3way Rig

  1. Glow Spoon Introduced

  2. Gold Plated and Copper Plated Spoons Introduced

  3. Introduction of Squid Shells with some Spoon colors

  4. 3" Rig, Grub Removed

Updated 2023 Rigs will be a available beginning of April on the website and participating tackle shops.

If there is a color scheme from 2021/2022 you have purchased previously that you want instead of the new color combinations, please simply write to me separately and I'll be happy to tie for you the previous versions.

Thanks and Tight Lines.

Eddy K

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