The Tano 60 and Tanp 80 are versatile jigs measuring 2 Ounces and 2.8 Ounces respectively.  They measure at 3.5" and just under 4" Their shape and action in the water make them ideal for casting and retrieving subsurface or working directly under your boat mid-column or at the bottom.  Their compact shape and weight makes them get to the bottom very quickly.

These jigs come in six colors.  These jigs can be paired with an inline hook, an assist hook, or a treble hook.  Out of the box it comes standard with an inline hook.

These jigs are great for black sea bass, striped bass, and bluefish.



120_Group 1.JPG

These vertical jigs are the work horses of a Cape angler's tackle box.  These jigs are slightly larger in size and profile than the Tayotono jigs but they can also either be cast and retrieved subsurface or mid-column or dropped vertically to suspended or bottom dwelling fish.

These jigs come in 3.5 ounces and 4.25 ounces making them very well suited for a variety of species.  The tapered shapes gives them a good swimming action when retrieved.  When falling towards the bottom, the jib will have a flutter action that often triggers a strike.

Each jig can be paired with an inline hook, an assist hook, or a treble hook.  It comes standard with an inline hook



Vertical Knife Jig Image.png

Sending a jig down into the depths for bottom feeding fish requires a jig with the right profile and weight to get down quickly.  

These larger profile jigs in 200 grams come in colors selected for their ability to mimic deep water prey, including larger sand eels, herring, and mackeral.

These jigs are great for haddock, cod, and pollock.  They can rigged with a siwash hook or an assist hook.