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3 Pack of 3 Ounce Sand Eel Jigs - 1 of Each Color

*Olive Mirror

Chrome White

Monomoy Eel


The 3 Ounce Size at 5" and its thin slender profile offers a great imitation.  The three colors offer opportunities to match the jig to certain water conditions.  These jigs have a slim profile, imitative colors colors, a triangulated shape, fluttering action, throughwire construction, and hook options out of the packaging that make them.


Whether you are retrieving these jigs along the surface, moving through the mid column, or dropping them down into deeper water, these jigs will become a staple when sand eels are present.  a unique and useful lure for a variety of fishing applications.

3 Pack of Sand Eel Jig - 3 Ounce - 1 of Each Color

Excluding Sales Tax
    • Imitative 3D eye
    • Metal Core for long casting
    • Long shape provides enticing accentuated flutter when used as a jig in the lower part of the water column
    • Unique Traingulated shape 'flashes' different on retrieve.
    • VMC split rings and VMC treble hooks and 5/0 Siwash Hook
    • Assist Hook Options Available
  • The jigs will come equipped with a VMC 5/0 Siwash Hook and a 6/0 Mustad Hoodlum Heavy Wire Assist Hook with 200lb Kevlar Assist Chord.

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